Important Rules to Follow While Writing Action Research Papers

    31 Jul
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    Writing action research papers takes a certain period of time and considerable amount of student efforts. If you have some problems with action research papers writing, this article may provide you with several ideas to start this work. Here are the most frequent questions and more or less clear and helpful answers for you.

    What are these action research papers all about?

    Action research papers are such types of written works, where qualitative and quantitative information is presented and used to call the reader for action or at least for analysis of the issue. With the help of action research papers, students are able to evaluate the already known facts, introduce their own ideas about the chosen subject, and persuade the reader that the chosen position is correct.

    What are the possible topics for action research papers?

    Topics for action research papers should not only reflect the existed problem but also promote readers and the writer to take immediate actions and change the situation for better. For example, action research papers may be devoted to the problems of smoking among young people or the ideas to wear the same school uniform. Each student has his/her own point of view about these issues, and some of them can share their ideas and investigations in action research papers.

    What may improve action research papers?

    There are many captivating ways, which may improve students’ action research papers. For example, the use of PowerPoint presentations or video tapes with interviews may become a powerful means to persuade and involve the reader into discussions. If people have clear evidences that the chosen topic is urgent, they try to participate and suggest their own ideas.

    Writing action research papers is a good chance to be closer to human problems and their possible solutions, so, do not lose this opportunity!