Dissertation Methodologies: The Core of Your Future Research

    30 Jul
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    If you are a person who is going to work on a dissertation, we take off our hats to you. Writing a dissertation is a very hard work to do. You should be ready that the way to the final stage of your work on a dissertation will be thorny, but the results will make you happy. The only thing you should do before starting your work is to develop a plan of work on your dissertation. If you follow it step by step, you will achieve success.

    As you know, there exist volumes of methodological literature that teach students how to complete their dissertations in time and successfully. We can also write about the work on a dissertation for hours but we are not sure if you are going to read such a long article up to the end. This is why we have decided to write the article about one of the most important parts of your future paper, dissertation methodologies.

    The main purpose of any dissertation is to defend a hypothesis on the basis of research. Thus, research is the core of a dissertation. Dissertation methodologies reflect the research that is conducted by a PhD student. If you want to create reliable dissertation methodologies, you should choose your research study carefully. The choice of dissertation methodologies depends on the research study directly.

    Dissertation methodologies can be roughly divided into two large types:

    • quantitative;
    • qualitative.

    The first type of dissertation methodologies is typical for exact sciences and rather rare for liberal arts. They usually make use of qualitative dissertation methodologies.   It will be preferable to build dissertation methodologies on the basis of the existing ones but do not plagiarize them, just make the dissertation methodologies interrelated.

    Finally, let us tackle the structure of dissertation methodologies. Usually, they should contain basic sections:

    • participants;
    • tools;
    • results.

    Now you may start your work! Good luck!