Different Ideas for the Topic Investigation in a Moral Essay

    19 Jul

    A moral essay is a genre of writing on different moral questions of a human life. Professor Townsend claims that it is a genre that is between literature and philosophy, stories and sermons.

    The aim of writing

    Moral essays do not aim to discover what morality is. They aim to answer the questions of moral behavior of humans, their acts and motifs, their moral obligations. Moral essays are often assigned to reveal the ideas of students about questions of morality. They discover the characters of students and their attitudes towards main problems of social coexistence.

    Educative principles

    Moral essays can be regarded as a type of an educative prose. In this sense a moral essay is to impose the ideas of good upon the audience. They can explain the problems of good and evil, life and death, the truth and lies.

    Religion basis

    You can base your moral essay on the research of the doctrines of different religions. Investigate the Ten Commandments of Moses, and compare these moral rules with the rules of other religions. Moral essays explain the reasons why proper social principals and taboos appeared.

    Christian principles

    Discussing the Bible doctrines, you may compare the principals of the Old Testament and the New Testament. In your moral essay you can write about the significance of the teaching of Jesus Christ. Propose your ideas about the life principles of Christianity. Think about the cause of the rapid spread of this creed.

    A moral essay should present your conclusions on the topic. You are most likely not to find something new, as any moral research is based on unchangeable doctrines. But you can present your ideas in an original way.