How to Structure Short Dissertations? Why Are They Different?

    18 Jul
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    When students are given an opportunity to write short dissertations, they are usually frustrated. They think that the other structure should be used and other requirements should be followed. This article is created for students who have faced a problem of short dissertation writing.

    Significant features of short dissertations

    • Short dissertations are considered to be 5,000 words long (not 10,000 as usual dissertation).
    • Reduced size of a short dissertation does not imply that a simple dissertation should be half cut. It means that information presented in the dissertation is more concise.

    Structure of short dissertations

    Short dissertation as well as ordinary one is to be structured according to the same rules.

    • The abstract or the executive summary should be written in short dissertations.
    • Then, the introduction comes with thesis statement posted at the end. A thesis statement should cover the main points of your short dissertation.
    • The next section is a literature review which is considered to be the longest part of your short dissertation.
    • Furthermore, students should present a methodology section for discussion the methods of data collection or research conducted.
    • The next step is the implementation of results of the research. The results section is followed by the discussion section where these results are analyzed.
    • Conclusion of a short dissertation should be supported by restatement of the thesis, summary of the whole work and recommendations for further research.

    In fact, short dissertation is a dissertation that follows the same requirements as a lengthy one. Information presented in short dissertations must be original. The size should not be a barrier on a way to a good short dissertation.