Something You Need to Know for Writing a Literary Review

    14 Jul
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    Writing a literary review (or a literature review, as most of us know it) is easy. All you need to do is analyze the sources that you have used (or are intended to use in your paper). If writing a literary review is your separate assignment, then you should synthesize the sources that you consider necessary to use for a particular paper.

    So, what is writing a literary review all about?

    Writing a literary review is the same as writing an essay. However, instead of making arguments about a particular problem, you group the sources according to their findings. Writing a literary review requires much time and efforts. Do not waste this time. Follow these steps to use your time rationally:

    • Identify the topic before you start writing a literary review. Think how the ideas of numerous researchers may differ within this topic.
    • Search for the sources on your topic. At first, search for any sources that mention the topic of your review. Do not ignore any sources when writing a literary review; those that seem insignificant at first may prove to be useful afterwards.
    • Group the sources according to the ideas they present. You may have three groups, for instance: sources that agree in a specific idea, those that support an opposing view, and neutral ones or those expressing a completely different opinion regarding a particular issue.
    • Present the sources in your literary review.

    Remember that your writing of a literary review should have a definite structure. State your problem in the introduction and shape a thesis. Finally, when writing a literary review, do not forget about the conclusion for it is also important for this kind of writing. A literary review is now ready!