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Does Hamlet Hate Women?

The women in Hamlet are depicted as the bearers of rage and insult from Hamlet, the namesake of William Shakespeare’s famous play, which exposes his tragic obeisance to filial duty and his emotional sensitivity. In order to fulfill his father’s many commands, Hamlet denies himself the love of the two closest female characters: Gertrude, his mother, and Ophelia, the woman he loves. Actually, his mad cries about brothels, painted women, and nunneries reflect the outer shell of a man who, corrupted by a sense of duty towards his dead father, directs his anger towards women. If the old king’s influence on Hamlet is discounted as his personal psychological state of mind, it can be argued that the apparent hatred for women that Hamlet shows throughout the play stems from his Oedipal disgust towards his irresolute, capricious mother. Hamlet’s expressive disgust shown towards the two main characters is representative of his anger towards Gertrude, which in turn is redirected at Ophelia.

Relationship Between Low Self-Esteem and Body Weight among Adolescents

Several factors are known to contribute to low self-esteem among adolescents. According to Lowry, Sallinen, and Janicke (2007), body weight is directly related to low self-esteem among adolescents since they tend to try to fit within the ideal image of physical perfection (Lowry et al. 2007). Andrea, Mathias, and Helmut (2014) have established that adolescents often experience low self-esteem due to an identity crisis that comes as a result of being perceived as overweight (Andrea et al. 2014). The authors have further established a link between having low self-esteem and being overweight to depression among adolescents. The underlying connection between being overweight and having low self-esteem among adolescents has been made clear, but it is necessary to establish the magnitude of the relationship between low self-esteem and body weight among adolescents.

Guilt and Judgement in Roger Malvin’s Burial

Roger Malvin’s Burial written by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a story about a young man named Reuben who escapes from a battle with his girlfriend’s wounded father. They try to make their way to a settlement, but the old man, Roger Malvin, is too injured to survive the trip. He tells his companion to leave him to die in the woods. Reuben is reluctant and at first refuses, but finally he concedes. He is instructed to marry the man’s daughter, tell her about his death, and return with her to give him a proper burial (Hawthorne, 2015).

Does Social Media Use Contribute to Depression?

Social media is a relatively new concept that combines technology and social tendencies to enhance interaction through Internet-based gadgets and applications (Luxton, June, & Fairall, 2012). Through social media platforms, users can create and exchange their own content irrespective of time and distance. Social media consist of several popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, blogging sites, MySpace, and Twitter, among others. These modes of socialization have transformed interaction through their instant chats, messaging, and video capabilities.

Women's Rights

Throughout the history of the developed world, the rights of women have been one of the most controversial and evolving social topics. It was not until the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States that protecting gender equality and granting women equal rights with men became one of the top priorities nationally and internationally. Today, women enjoy greater freedom and more self-realization opportunities than they did just decades ago.